What are guests saying about The Metta Space?

Great food and better company!

Healing, Health, and Wholehearted human interaction.What's not to love? I look forward to my time in the Metta Space every month!

Benjamin Crowley - 30 November 2017

Chand Dyal is awesome

Excellent massage therapist! Very knowledgeable and provides great service in a tranquil environment. Highly recommend!
Ryan - 19 November 2017

It was an awesome experience. Olivia is amazing. She immediately understood my needs. Her technique is excellent. After procedure I feel much taller, much lighter, more aligned. Better than after manual therapy (chiropractor). My gate changed. My head is floating above my head - no tension anymore. My eyes feel happy. Thank you very much!
Valentina - 22 September 2017

There are not many people I trust to give me a great massage. Chand Dyal is versatile and can be subtle in his technique when need be. I will definitely be coming back for another. Wahe Guru!
Sarabdyal Kaur Khalsa - 7 August 2017

Great relaxing session! Thought the consultation in the beginning was helpful and felt comfortable to share aches and pains.
Bianca - 11 January 2017

Victors wisdom, guidance and healing hands came to me at a crucial time in my life. His services, if you let them, will spill over from bodywork into the realm of psychotherapy, and, if you are ready for it, spiritual development and a realization of ones own healing powers lying beneath the surface...meeting him has really driven home the enormous amount of self-care necessary to evenBEGIN to think about helping others on that path. Victor has helped me remember that self-care is not selfish, and that I can't hope to claim ownership of my life and heal others until I make SPACE for myself, physically, mentally, temporally...thank you for being you, Victor. You can go to him for just a massage if you want. But your muscular tension is much more than just muscles. It's every unpurged surge of emotional energy pushing through your body and nesting in your shoulders, neck, back, joints, tendons...you can't fully release that energy until you know why it's pooling there, and how you can stop it. Victor will get you to that sweet spot.
Charlotte Dean - 12 April 2016

Since I have worked with Victor, receiving holistic massage, I have felt supported emotionally, spiritually and physically. Victor intuitively knows how to work with the body to allow release and healing to occur. I appreciate his willingness to really listen to what is going on and to provide wise advice. I find that when I receive regular treatment, I feel more confident in my body's natural healing abilities. I feel more connected to myself, others and life. I recover from illness more quickly. I am so grateful for Victor's compassion and knowledge. Namaste.
Hannah Lei - 15 February 2016

Massage work with Victorino has helped me in many ways energetically. Most specifically it has brought clarity of thought and balance. This accompanied with opening of energy flow has resulted in peace of mind, grounded emotions and openheartedness toward people.
V. Jaggers - 3 February 2016

Beyond my expectations!  Victor gives the most relaxing, refreshing and healing massages I have ever experienced. His massages are innovative and unique, combining various techniques for the best possible results. He has helped alleviate my symptoms of chronic back issues and restless leg syndrome. Excellent and highly recommended.

Steve R on 3 August 2015

I feel like the energy is moving more freely through my body and I have more range of motion in my leg without as much pain. His East/West Sports Massage was unlike anything I'd experienced before. The stretching was amazing. Thank you!!
Maria Brown - 25 February 2016

What a great place to get a quick mini vacation!  I am kind of old school about getting massages and asked Victor for a traditional Swedish message.  He went right to work and did wonders for my stressed out and overtired lower back and shoulders. Victor is very skillful in combining his unique techniques and knew just the right amount of pressure to apply to my muscles. Within minutes I felt the stress of life  and tightness melting away. I was relaxed and invigorated. The whole experience was professional and the environment healing.  During the last 20 minutes of my session, Victor applied some of his Thai techniques on my legs and lower back which was effective, gentle and yet firm. The hardest part about his massage was having to stay awake from the relaxation and not wanting the one hour session to end.  Victor and the Metta Space is a great environment for a quick and distressing getaway.  I would definitely recommend him to all my friends, family and colleagues.

Seacoast M on 6 August 2015

I just had the best massage of my life from Victor at "The Metta Space"! I had never had the pleasure of Thai massage and let me tell you it was amazing! It was the perfect blend of massage and stretching which left me totally relaxed.

Melissa H on 19 August 2015

I always enjoy the massages I receive from Victor.  Each time I visit, he give specialized treatment for whatever my body, mind and spirit need at that time.  Victor is kind, compassionate, and always professional.

Hannah Lei P on 15 Dec 2014

I just had the pleasure of experiencing a cranial sacral massage from Michelle. It was an awesome experience. So relaxing. I felt as if she had meditated for me. I highly recommend her to anyone!
Karen - 11 November 2014

I've been fortunate enough to receive several massages from Victor. I've primarily received Thai table massages from him, and I have benefited greatly from them. I've noticed recently that his regimen has evolved. Not only did he perform the familiar moves I've been used to, but he had also added new moves to his repertoire.

I'm grateful for knowing Victor, and thankful to be able to benefit from his talent.
Bruce - 24 January 2014

It's been almost 8 months since I last saw Victor.

Today I had a very relaxing massage, and I came away with a feeling of peace. All of the tension I had been carrying simply vanished. And on the drive home, I kept asking myself why had I waited so long. I guess life just got in the way....

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to stop everything and just enjoy some "me" time. Needless to say I've scheduled 4 more appointments. And I'm already looking forward to them!
Bruce - 22 September 2014

I just wanted to thank you for your gentle help and guidance that I received from you in the short time that I was able to come to Metta Space. I enjoyed meeting you, and you made a difference in my life....just in our few meeting.

I didn't want to miss the opportunity to compliment you on the peaceful atmosphere and the skill of your staff at Metta Space....I know you'll keep up the good work.
Peace and blessings - 13 September 2014

Had another great massage from Victor today. He has really great energy and touch, thoroughly enjoyed my session. What a great way to start my weekend. Highly recommend his services!
Jay Korsmo - 10 May 2014

I had a combination massage treatment from Victor - some deep tissue, some Thai, all WONDERFUL!! Victor has the most gentle, loving energy which you definitely feel when you get a treatment from him. I was comfortable and he put me into a state of complete and utter relaxation from the moment I stepped into his treatment room. (Side note: I am someone who usually chooses female massage therapists because sometimes I get uncomfortable). Victor's loving disposition made the experience completely worry-free for me!!! He listened closely to what I needed and he addressed all of my issues. I especially loved the Thai part of the massage - there were areas on my lower back that I didn't even realize were tight and sore until he worked his magic, it felt so amazing. I recommend Victor to everyone. : )
20 June 2014

I've been visiting The Metta Space for massage for several months and I thought to ask Victor if he could help clear my sinus' blockages. I left feeling much better as the pressure had gone away and I could breath freely once again. Victor knows the body and technique like no other I've experienced. Amazing results every time.
Sean - 3 July 2014

As I look at my experiences with Victor as a healer and a teacher I realize the gift he has is one that keeps giving. Every session was a plus zone of experience. I am so grateful to have him in my life. I have been praised to have referred people to him for treatment and guidance. Please enjoy continued success with every breath you take.
Gregory - 15 July 2014

Wow! Thinking Thai Massage was like any other massage was definitely wrong. OMG! First time experience and it will absolutely not be the last. Victor says it's yoga for lazy people. YES! Stretching these limbs of mine that haven't been stretched, maybe ever, felt wonderful. My spine felt a very good, but gentle, pull as well. I recommend Victor to all who enjoy a really good massage! Yay Victor!
Emmy - 6 September 2014

I have had 4 massages with Victor - all have been wonderful and healing. He uses several techniques - acupressure, Thai massage, Swedish and sensory repatterning are some. Victor is able to induce what your body needs and will find every point that needs attention. After each massage I have felt open and grounded. He is slowly releasing some spots that have been injured and stuck for a long time. I can't wait for my next session! Thank you Victor!
Abbyann - 1 February 2014

What a great experience my first Thai massage. Thank you Victor
Frank Edwards - 16 April 2014

Victor was very professional and pleasant and put me at ease right away as he explained everything. BTW it was my first visit, so he explained everything I should expect. The massage was awesome. Had been stressed at work and my low back was bothering me. I left feeling like a million dollars, even dozed off at the end, I was so relaxed. I took advantage of a special and have already booked two more visits. Thank you to Victor for taking care of my needs.
Richard - 17 March 2014

I used to consider any type of massage a luxury that I wasn't entitled to. And as a guy growing up in America, I wasn't accustom to another man touching me. But as I get older, my work in construction is taking a greater toll on my body and on my mental well being.

Since knowing Victor, I've tried many of the services he offers, and I can say emphatically that what he offers MUST be a part of my life. Not only do his massages loosen tight and fatigued muscles, but I come away with an incredible inner peace that lasts for days.

I've been fortunate to try most of his massages: the Thai Acupressure, Thai Medical Massage, Thai Table Massage, and even some Retail Therapy. I own both the Yin and Yang perfumes by The Metta Space, several Thai Spa Products by Vinasanti, a small tNANO pendant by Nickie Thetsy, the Six Healing Sounds CD by Yuval Ron & Rick Gold, and even two pieces of House Jewelry by Beatrex Quntanna.

On my most recent visit to see Victor, I thought I'd try something new. I scheduled a Thai Abdominal Treatment promptly followed by a Thai Foot Massage. They were both simply amazing. Guys - You've got to try the foot massage!

There are a few things left to try. They include his East-West Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sensory Repatterning, Deep Tissue Sculpting, and Swedish Massage.

I've also got to try some acupuncture by the other members of his team: Zaynah Shabo and Christine Cronin. Unfortunately I smoke, and Victor informs me that there's an acupuncture regimen I must try.

Let me summarize by saying that my life is much richer for knowing Victor. I vow to try ALL of the services he and The Metta Space have to offer!
JBSS - 10 February 2014

When I saw Victor today, my hip, shoulder and neck all hurt. When I left I could dance down the street and easily look all around. Victor is calm, aware and has no fear going into areas that need attention. His space is beautiful. Within each massage he employs many modalities responding to what my body needs. I am active and will remain so for a long time with regular tune-ups from Victor. Thank You Victor!
Abbyann - 13 March 2014

I have seen Victor a couple of times now. I felt so amazing after my massage. It was very funny because I walked out not realizing it looked as if I just woke up. Apparently I travelled to another universe. Thank you Victor…I will be back for sure!!
Sandy - 29 January 2014