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    Feel Excellent in Your Body

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    Discover Peace of Mind

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    Experience Love

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    Be One with Your Spirit

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Holistic Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation & Spirituality AT THE METTA SPACE

Welcome! METTA is your healing oasis where you transform spiritually through holistic massage therapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork and other holistic health and wellness offerings.

At METTA, spirituality means consciously connecting with your body, mind and heart so that you can be more aligned with who you are on a holistic level. When you know yourself spiritually, you exist from a place of truth and this gives you an opportunity to live your dream and simply be happy. We absolutely would love and adore the opportunity to be part of your healing journey towards happiness, health and wellbeing at METTA.  

The Metta Mission

The mission of METTA is to serve the highest spiritual good of all beings through excellent holistic massage therapy, yoga and meditation.  


Metta means "loving kindness" and that starts with self.  At METTA you will learn to cultivate a relationship with yourself based on unconditional love. When you accept and love yourself completely no matter what, that is metta.  The practice of metta is the first step to your spiritual success.  Receiving a holistic massage, practicing yoga, working on breath and being in meditation are some ways to nurture, explore and awaken metta within you.  




  • I went to see Victor for muscle soreness due to my physical activity as a fitness professional. I personal train others as well as teach group fitness classes and wanted to treat my body to a massage. Victor was very patient and listened to my objectives of what I wanted out of the session and used that information. It was such a calming experience and the benefits showed later that evening.
    I hadn't taught a strength-training class in two weeks and anticipated plenty of soreness over the next few days. During my class, I was surprised to see that my strength hadn't decreased over my hiatus and they didn't feel tired by the end of the 60-minute class whatsoever. I thought to myself, "I'll be feeling it in a couple days," but I never did! I honestly couldn't believe that the various techniques he applied actually promoted performance, prevent fatigue, and kept me from any soreness.
    I absolutely recommend Victor for your massage therapy needs.

    Katelyn C on 1 September 2015

  • This was my first experience with Thai massage. I had some congestion and a sinus headache, and Victor helped get everything moving.
    I felt like taffy as he pulled me! Victor is very knowledgeable about his craft, and I definitely recommend him.
    - Susan

  • Recently I experienced night leg cramps which were very painful. Acupressure performed by Victor was very painful also,
    but not as bad as the cramps. After just one session I had no more leg cramps. Victor is a true healer!
    - Helen

  • Had another great massage from Victor today. He has really great energy and touch, thoroughly enjoyed my session.
    What a great way to start my weekend. Highly recommend his services!
    - Jay

  • I have seen Victor a couple of times now. I felt so amazing after my massage. It was very funny because I walked out not realizing
    it looked as if I just woke up. Apparently I travelled to another universe. Thank you Victor…I will be back for sure!!
    - Sandy